Pony and Pumpkin Festival

Mission To provide a fun community event & assist non-profits with an opportunity to expand their reach, increase membership & assist them financially. A percentage of all proceeds will be going to the following 4 non-profits (Lions Club, National Forest Foundation, Tahoe Youth and Family Services and Pony Express Territory Nevada). This is also an opportunity to give local food growers and producers an effective site to provide consumers with a source for local, fresh produce and products.  

 Sponsorship: Forest Suites and Borges Sleigh and Carriage Rides



 Pony Rides Pony Area $10 per child  Craft Station Pine Cone Turkeys

Beer Garden Snack Shack Pop Corn Mini-Caramel Apples Hot Cider StarBucks Coffee

Historical Society Western Movement & young chautauquans            

Crochet Demonstrations Bracelet Making        Native America Paper/color Activity  

Tahoe Youth Scare Crow Building Pumpkin Decorating    Pony Express  Bounce House

Bean Bag Toss for Prizes           Classic Car Show

10am Wagon Ride W/ Kim Van Sickle Park $5 per Adult

10:30   Dianna   Borges   Chautauqua   of Sarah Winnemucca Theater     free          

11am    Tony   Argento   Cowboy   Poet   Theater 

12 pm   CW   & MR Spoons   Live   Music   Theater

12:30   Wagon   Ride   w/   Sarah   Van   Sickle       $5 per adult                        

 1 pm                                            

1:30   Wagon   Ride    W/   Tony           $5 per adult

2 pm Kim Copel Pony Express Theater

 2:30   Wagon   Ride    W/   Tony   Van   Sickle       $5 per adult

3pm   Class   Act   Live   Music

3:30                                      \


4:30   Wagon   Ride      Van   Sickle       $5 per adult

5 pm           


 Pony Rides Pony Area $10 per child Craft Station Pine Cone Turkeys

Beer Garden Snack Shack Pop Corn Mini-Caramel Apples Hot Cider StarBucks Coffee

Historical   Society   Western   Movement & Young chautauquans                      

  Crochet   Demonstrations   Bracelet   Making    Native   America Paper/color   Activity  

  Tahoe   Youth   Scare   Crow Building Pumpkin Decorating         

  Pony   Express    Bounce   House Bean Bag Toss for Prizes Classic Car Show

10am  Wagon Ride W/ Kim Van Sickle Park  $5 per Adult

10:30 Dianna Borges Chautauqua of Sarah Winnemucca Theater   free      

11am   Tony Argento Cowboy Poet Theater 

12 pm  CW & MR Spoons Live Music Theater

12:30  Wagon Ride w/ Sarah Van Sickle   $5 per adult            

1 pm    Forestry Flora/Fauna Nature Walk Forest Suites grounds                     

1:30  Wagon Ride  W/ Tony     $5 per adult

2pm Truck and Motorcycle Raffel

 2:30  Wagon Ride  W/ Tony Van Sickle   $5 per adult

3pm  Class Act Live Music

3:30    Forestry Flora/Fauna Nature Walk Forest Suites grounds         

 4pm   Kim Copel Pony Express Theatre             

4:30  Wagon Ride ? Van Sickle   $5 per adult

5 pm